I am such a bad gamer

So right, I was playing Dragon Quest right?

Not this week.

I’m currently going through “gaming nostalgia” and decided to play an old school favorite, Suikoden!! So I will be updating about Suikoden maybe… tomorrow? Still trying to get far into the game.

I will resume playing Dragon Quest when I finish my gaming nostalgia phase.


Dragon Quest V, continuing on…

Spoilers ahead!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

How was everyone’s christmas? I didn’t get much stuff at all, but it was an interesting christmas. 8D My boyfriend gave me gift certificates which I can use whenever I want to, so that’s good. Also, I didn’t eat a lot so I don’t have to worry about gaining weight!

Now, I have attained the Ra’s Mirror! I braved through the tower where the Ra’s Mirror was hidden and have successfully defeated the fake Queen Dowager! After restoring peace to Coburg, Prince Harry leaves my party and I make my way to the other continent, and I end up in the town of Lodestar Harbour.

I walk into a bar and lo and behold,  I’m recruited to slay a monster. Poor Monster. Anyhow, I make my way through a run-down place called Hay, which is ~*SO*~ surprising because most of their houses are made of hay! Ha ha! Get it? HAY!!!


Moving on, I make my way through a cave and realize that the monster that’s been terrorizing the town of Hay is my own little sabercat, Saber! I dangle the ribbon Bianca gave me in the beginning of the game, back when we were 6 years old, and Saber recognizes it. He then becomes my ally in fighting crime and justice!

Okay, not really but moving on…

Apparently, the people of Hay are now mad at me because they thought I was in cahoots with Saber, and only acted like I was going to get rid of the so-called monster, when all I really wanted was the money (which is kinda true).

Anyway, now that people in Hay hate me, I made my way back to Lodestar Harbour and headed west to Zoomingale, where I learned the spell Zoom. Leaning the spell isn’t easy though. I had to look for the Lunar Flower which was the final ingredient to learn Zoom. As soon as I learned zoom, I headed straight to Coburg to realize that HARRY MARRIED MARIA!!!

Why do people keep on getting married in this game?

Anyway, after zooming around from old town to old town, I made my way to Monstroferrato.

Where I have to get married to a woman.

Why do I even… Sigh.

That’s all for now, since that’s where I stopped in my game. Until then, happy gaming guys and have a good new year!

Dragon Quest 5: From the beginning to now.

Spoilers ahead. Read if you dare.

If I remember right, I started Dragon Quest 5: Hand of the Heavenly Bride a few days back. (I think tuesday evening) Now, from what I’ve read in certain sites, it’s never been released in the US before so this is a first for those who are playing this now.

My first reaction when I played it.


Next thing I knew, I was in a ship, along with my buff father.

Now you see, when playing games like Dragon Quest and such, they really never tell you where to go. It’s not like the usual RPG’s where they tell you where to go and you can go on your merry way, without any worry or care. Noooo. Not this game. You gotta figure out where you’re going to go because that’s how the world works apparently.

I look at my profile in-game and realize how cute my little Xale is. (Yes, his name is Xale!)

You start out with him as a 6 year old boy.

Your father tells you to explore the ship, blah blah. I talk to everyone and the story continues. As we progress through the story, you go to caves AS A 6 YEAR OLD BOY and fight monsters.

I can kinda imagine a 6 year old boy, wielding a sword and swinging it around, his mighty hands trying so hard to be strong. *squeal*

You meet a friend named Bianca and you exterminate ghosts in a tower. You make friends with a sabertooth cat tiger thing as well as a spoiled prince.


Then we fast forward 10 years later. You and the prince are together and escape slavery after 10 long years.

In my current save file,  I have to help save Prince Harry’s kingdom. Yeaaah. Prince Harry. I need to get Ra’s Mirror and save the world!

Because that is what my father who died told me to do.

Now if everyone will excuse me, I’m going to continue my save file and finish as much Dragon Quest 5 as I could. Besides, my Dragon Quest 6 is still waiting for me, and I’m a bit far in that file too.

Happy Gaming and Merry Christmas!

A new wordpress!

I’ve never had a wordpress site before, so I think all of this is fairly new to me.

I have decided to make this into a gaming blog though. The only games I play at the moment are DS games since its the only handheld I actually have. Once in a while though, I will publish stuff about my life, such as things that are happening to me iRL, my drawings and my dogs.

But most of it will be games, I promise.