Pokemon White: Dream World

So I have been meaning to update on Dragon Quest V but I’ve been um….kinda busy with Pokemon White. An officemate of mine kinda got me back into the Pokemon business so I’ve been training my pokemon to be the best that they can be.

I also entered the famed “Dream World”.

It kept on hanging on my a lot of times because my internet connection is the shit but it was quite enjoyable. I wanted a FREAKING TANGELA but alas, I only got this:

It’s the special pokemon that you can actually meet in the Dream World. It has the ability ‘thick fat’ which makes fighting fire-type pokemon somewhat a breeze. I need to log in again the dream world and get the Munna C-Gear design, as well as the Generation 5 Starter Pokemon design for the PokeDex.

To those who do play pokemon in my wordpress, you can always check my sidebar for my friend code. I normally go online on random times and I’m usually in the Dream World, playing Wailord Spout. (I actually forgot the name of the game. All I know is that it has Wailord in it.)

Next to Pokemon, I checked my Dragon Quest 9 cartridge and I checked my quests.

I almost chucked my NDSi out the window.

What type of lunatic asks for crazy quests like this? It’s bad enough METAL SLIMES run away from most battles and then you need to defeat it using a skill? I mean, seriously? I know you have to be patient but I would never do this for the life of me. NEVER.

Unless I really had to.

I still haven’t had the chance to check what my friend code is for Dragon Quest 9, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Right now, I need to do other things. Like play more Pokemon White!


[Story] Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

By: Christine

Author’s Note: This is based on a song by Sakamoto Ryuichi, specifically from the track Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. I have not watched the movie that features this song, but I will do so in the future.

It was a cold winter night. The lights in Mr. Lawrence’s room flickered, the candle getting smaller in the growing cold winter night.

“Mr. Lawrence, your candle light is going out. Shall I replace it for you?” I asked him, a fresh new candle in my hands.

“Ah, Joseph… I had not noticed that my candle was almost out. I was so absorbed by the snow that was falling outside my window that I had not noticed what was happening around me.” Mr. Lawrence said, his face looking ever so weak.

“If you will excuse me then…” I took the candle stand and blew out the candle. I immediately replaced the old candle with a new candle, for the darkness that was settling started to make me feel uncomfortable. As the room was filled with light, I saw Mr. Lawrence smiling at me, as if wanting to tell me something.

“Joseph, you are a big help around here.” He told me in a weak voice, “If you were not around, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“This is what I am told to do, and I will do it. It is nothing for me.” I answered, fixing his sheets. “It is almost time for your medicine. Please excuse me.”

“Ah, medicines again. Can you add sugar to make it taste a little better?”

I chuckled, “No, I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

Mr. Lawrence never allowed any woman to enter his room, after his wife had died in a horrible accident. The maid servants we’re only allowed outside his room and let me handle all the work that involved Mr. Lawrence alone.

“Oh, Joseph! How is Mr. Lawrence doing?” asked the female cook, smoking a cigarette in the dining area, “Is he feeling better?”

“He’s alright. It’s time for his medicines though. He was asking if he could have sugar with it.”

“That Mr. Lawrence,” the cook inhaled her cigarette and let out a big puff of smoke, “He should get over his grief. If he were to stay like that forever, he won’t have long to live.”

I narrow my eyes a little, while grinding medicine, “Not that he has much long to live though…”

“Ah, yes. He doesn’t have much longer eh? He has no wife, no children, just himself, locked up in that room, waiting to die.”

“What will happen to us though?”

“Who knows? His house will probably be given back to the Queen. She was very fond of Mr. Lawrence, you know. I have met her a few times here. The Queen and Mr. Lawrence’s late wife were very close friends.”

I continue grinding the medicines needed, while the cook goes on about the good times that Mr. Lawrence had. I had somehow known Mr. Lawrence won’t have much longer to live. I didn’t want to think about it.

As soon as I had finished grinding the medicines, I make my way back to Mr. Lawrence’s room; a few packs of his medicines and a tray of water in one hand. I open the door, and Mr. Lawrence’s back is what greets me.

Day in, day out, he continues to look out the window.

I stood in the rain, watching much older men bring down a coffin to where it shall be buried. The Queen who had snuck out of the castle, sobbing beside Mr. Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence looked like his whole world had broken into a million pieces, his once young face suddenly growing old in a few days.

“Our dearly beloved, Anneliese, who has departed from this world—”

The sounds are drowned out. The Queen continues to sob, Mr. Lawrence, holding the Queen’s hand. Both of them are trembling.

Both of them, alone.

“Mr. Lawrence.”

No answer. I open his door and look inside. Mr. Lawrence is lying down on his bed, his hands over his chest.

“Mr. Lawrence, are you awake?”

Still, no answer. I go up to him and look at his face.

It looked peaceful.

“Mr. Lawrence.”

I touch his hand. Ice cold. He’s dead. I hold back tears.

“Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.”

Dragon Quest V: After your marriage, along with kids

It’s been a long long while since I actually wrote something that consisted about Dragon Quest. If you want to read the previous entries, just click the category “Dragon Quest guys omg!” and you’ll be able to read my older entries.

So after our marriage with our lovely Bianca, I then set out on a journey to go back to the country my father, Pankraz, was ruling. In order to actually get there, we gotta make some stops on the way.

Zoom to Lodestar Harbour and get your ship there.


Every RPG player has most likely experienced this. Whenever you get a ship or a flying machine, you know you just HAVE TO EXPLORE whatever you can explore. Before going on with the story, let’s explore what we can!

First is The Ventuno. It’s a big casino on a ship. I think I spent a few hours horsing around in this ship. Next is Knick-Knacktory. If you guys have noticed, you’ll get items that have the descriptions of Knick-Knack’s on it. And finally, Dominicus’ Dominion. You exchange Mini Medals for items in this place!

Okay, back to the story!

I made my way to the desert to find that the Zenithian Helm is located there. Unfortunately, I cannot wear it since I am not the “hero”  that will banish evil. But at least we know where it is! After talking to the queen of Helmunaptra, I must head back to Gotha, my home country.

Now, going to Gotha is a real pain. While heading to Gotha, my wife, Bianca, keeps on collapsing. Uh Oh, female instincts hitting up, you guys. As soon as I reach Gotha, it seems that my uncle has been taking care of the country while Xale and Pankraz has been out. Now that I’m back in Gotha, I must go through the ritual of passage, which will allow me to be the King of Gotha.

After going through trials, which were INCREDIBLY ANNOYING, I finally become the King of Gotha. Also, Bianca gives birth to twins.

Okay, I just see something so illogical here. First off, when a woman gets pregnant, it normally takes 10 months for the babies to actually form. But its been like what? 2 months AND Bianca already gives birth to twins??? Is this how RPG family making works? I would so hate it if it was like that! Moving on…


While everyone is passed out at night, you feel that there is something wrong. I quickly ran to my wife and find that she’s been kidnapped. Thankfully, my children were hidden away! The next morning, I make my way to save her. In the end, I don’t save her.

We both turn into statues and are sold off into different places.

Xale spends his time in a family, that sees their child grow up. Until their child is taken away and then I’m blamed for not protecting their family. Uh, duh? I’m not exactly a moving statue, you stupid old man.

~Eight Years Later~

My children see me and then lift the stony curse upon me.


This goes to show what type of parent I’m going to become when I do get kids.

Okay, this is all I’m going to write for now. I’m actually farther in my file and I think I’m about to finish the game so… Until next time, keep on playing Dragon Quest and enjoy!

Dragon Quest V: Getting a bit–wife. But first!

Did everyone have a new year? I think my new year is set for me. My plans for this year are:

1. Get a 3DS instead of a PSP. Friend said that I should get a 3DS instead of a PSP so I think I will…
2. Lose weight.
3. Play more games and write them all here!!

You see, I have a few new toys. First is this:

My friend lent me his PSP so I don’t have to buy one. For now, I’m only playing 2 games. Persona 3 Portable and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. Other than that, I don’t know what else I’m going to play.

Next, I got a cute new charm for my DSi.

Yes, I have an Evangelion character on my DSi. Also, my DSi is the limited edition orange that included a Mario Party cartridge in it.

Okay, enough about me. Let’s get on with Dragon Quest!!

After my little stint in Monstoferrato, I’m now required to get the Ring of Fire and the Ring of Water. So I made my way, south of Monstroferrato to the Volcano there and retrieved the Ring of Fire. I make my way back to Monstroferrato and then I head north to get the Ring of Water.

The path headed to the Ring of Water, unfortunately was blocked. But lo and behold, there’s a town. We enter the town of Stockenbarrel and talk to everyone. But wait.. Bianca?! Yes! You have found Bianca! And what luck, she can open the gate that will lead to the Ring of Water.

Flashback time!

Remember the childhood friend from this post?  Yea, that’s her. Her father is a sickly (yet plump) old man, and her mother is the image of health.

End flashback.

As you notice, Bianca is standing in front of a grave, not paying attention to anyone or anything. You walk to her house, and her father is the first one that greets you. I know, the mother died first. I mean, how??? As Bianca’s father continuously talks to you, Bianca walks in and is so very happy to see Xale. Once the cutscenes were over, I talked to Bianca’s father and it seems he’s never seen her so happy.

Female instincts hitting up over here.

So Bianca opens the gate and we make our way through the cave that holds the Ring of Water. After getting the Ring of Water, we headed back to Monstroferrato and gave the rings to Nera’s father. But what’s this?! You can actually marry Bianca?!?

So you wake up in the middle of the night before your marriage. I talked to everyone in the village and went back to sleep.

Then I made my decision.

The next morning, I made my way back to the Mansion that Nera lives in and talked to her father. At first, I could choose 2 women to be my bride. But then, Nera’s older sister, Deborah walked down and said she liked me, and if I didn’t choose her, I’d be stupid.

Well, stupid is what I am.

So after the long run, I chose…

Yep. I chose Bianca. Deborah became a total bitch and just ran off. Nera was really supportive. After all that, I had to get the wedding veil in the town where Bianca lives. I got the veil and next thing I know, Prince Harry and Maria were there and celebrating my wedding. It doesn’t matter who you choose too since Nera’s father will give you the Zenithian Shield. You have the Zenithian sword too so its all good.

And that’s all for now. I’m happily married and I have nothing to worry about. Yeah, I still need to save the world.

I hope everyone had a great new year. I just welcomed it with Persona 3 Portable and good music, namely Daft Punk!