I’m still alive!

Hello everyone. Just making a quick update. For those who are wondering why I haven’t been posting anything, its because I’ve been busy with Dragon Quest 9 and I’m continuing the Asahi Toru comic I’ve been drawing.

No worries, though. I’m almost done drawing the 10 panels and I’ll post them all in one swell post.

Look forward to it!


Dragon Quest V: Kids, Grandparents, and saving the world. All in time for dinner.

First of all, I’m terribly sorry that I have not written a thing here for over a week. I’ve been extremely busy with many (relevant and mostly irrelevant) things, which I will probably post about when I have the chance and mostly, time.

Continuing on from where we last stopped…

So as I am reunited with my children, now comes the part of having to save my wife. I end up going to the eastern continent and looking around that area. I make my way through sea passages, mountains, and eventually end up in a town hidden from everything and everyone else. I learn that this town, called Lofty Peak, is where my mother was born and raised.

People tell me that my father met my mother and they both fell head over heels with each other. But really, I’m not interested in that right now. I need to save my wife, dammit. So I make my way throughout the town and then find a magic carpet! I leave town and use the magic carpet to get to Zenithia tower. From there, I need to get the Magma Staff and make my way to the castle of Zenithia where is submerged underwater.

Going through an old mine, I meet a man named Dr. Agon and eventually we both travel together to Zenithia castle. Unfortunately, the castle can’t fly to the sky “YET” for the golden orbs needed to make the castle fly.


First, you need to go through the Neverglade and make your way to the fairie palace. Once you do that, you can travel to the past. If you remembered in the beginning of the game, you ran into an older version of yourself. Talk to the young version of yourself and you’ll get a golden orb from little you. Yes, golden orb GET! The other golden orb, you get from Dr. Agon.

Now, in order to save your wife, you need a dragon.

As always, there is no rest for the wicked. I made my way to the Dragon Temple and found the┬áZenithian Tintinnabulum, which allows me to call a dragon. I head back to Zenithia, because it can fly now, and talk to Dr. Agon. It seems that the dragon we are looking for is right there all along! Dr. Agon is the dragon we’ve been looking for! Funny how his name is like, Dr. Agon without the period is dr agon which is… Well, dragon.

Good one, Dragon Quest!

Remember when your father died, and you and Harry were brought to a place where you all became slaves? Yeah, you need to return to that place. Use your dragon to get to that place and then make your way through to get to your wife. You see your wife who is still a statue and someone with black hair. After stopping the ritual, your daughter removes the curse upon your wife, and your whole family is reunited.

I shed a few tears here.

After an annoying quest in Monstroferrato, which is actually needed because you need to get the key that opens all doors, I made my way to Nadiria, where the Grandmaster Nimzo is rising to power. I make my way through Nadiria and to Nimzo’s castle, which is in Mount Zugzwang. It sounds kinda hard to say but I usually just say Mount Zuzwang. Anyway…

Going through Mount Zugzwang is HELLA ANNOYING. I had to go through a puzzle that drove me mad. But the end was worth it.

I actually have a funny story about this. Right when I finished Dragon Quest 5, I was supposed to meet up with a friend so we can party in Dragon Quest 9 so I can help her finish where she’s stuck, only to find out that she’s much more ahead than I am. So instead of meeting her at the appointed time, I met her 2 hours after the appointed time. Sorry!

Anyway, my mother dies and my father tells her that its enough, for they should leave the world saving to us.

Thanks for giving me such a crazy huge responsibility, dad. Really. Thanks.

Anyway, I make my way to where Nizmo is and I fight this crazy boss fight.

After defeating him, I finished Dragon Quest 5. Going through everything was totally worth it. It was very nice.

Currently, I am now playing Dragon Quest 4. I’ll see if I can write about it since I’m on fire when it comes to playing video games. Also, I need to finish Dragon Quest 9. I have no idea how to connect it to the WiFi though. I can only play with my friend and my nephew, but only because we meet up with each other when we can.

For those who have been reading about my Dragon Quest 5 ramblings, thank you very much! I promise to be as funny when it comes to writing about all the games I play, as well as the art I do, and what’s happening in my life as well.

Now, time to play some more Dragon Quest 4!