Fun with Polymer Clay <3

Yesterday, a few of my officemates and I decided to play with some Polymer Clay.

These are the results (WARNING, PICTURE HEAVY) :

This is all of the combined stuff we did.

Sushi comparison with a 5 Peso coin.

Mr. Cellphone Stand sure enjoys his sushi!

A carrot and an eggplant with a 5 peso comparison.


A toucan of some sorts. He has a tie!

I made this weird soft taco quesadilla thing.

The zombie from Plants VS. Zombies!

I think this is from Nightmare before Christmas or something… I really don’t know.

An octopus Terribells did.

A cat(??) Terribells did too.

A rabbit and its carrot.


And a very intricate pizza!

We’re going to make ramen, and other types of japanese food today. Wish us luck!!


Persona 4: Why you should play the game/watch the anime

Before you read this entry, let me further warn you now, this will contain TOTAL SPOILERS for the anime series of Persona 4. Read with ABSOLUTE caution.

There are reasons why people should play certain games. For instance, take Super Mario Bros. Everyone I know has played it since forever, and continues to play it to experience the thrill they experienced when they were 15-20-30 years younger.

Fast forward to where the PS2 released one of its last best PS2 game.

Persona 4.

Before I’ve played Persona 4, I recently finished Persona 3, but never got to finishing Persona 3 FES for unknown (I was lazy) reasons, and figured that it’d be like the Final Fantasy games, where they all share a same title, but have different stories, different characters, and don’t conflict or connect with one another. Persona 4 was something like that. It wasn’t entirely related to Persona 3 but the gameplay was similar.

It was so different when I played the game.

Now, a few years later, the team who made Persona 4 decided to release an anime of the game. I did imaginary backflips and was yelling to the whole world to play the game, watch the anime when it comes out, etc etc.

As I watched the first episode, I remembered the first time I put Persona 4 in my PlayStation2 and felt the ecstasy of the game.

The storyline is totally superb. You are an exchange student from the city, living with your uncle and your cousin, making friends, becoming a playboy, and hopefully pass your exams, while figuring out who the murderer is, leaving bodies hanging on TV antennae’s. Character-wise, you’re quiet, you make your own decisions, and some decisions affect the game’s storyline.

Your team members are very loveable, as well as the other characters you encounter in this game. You make your team members into Social Links, which allow you to make, and merge personas.

As I furthered watching the anime, I was extremely impressed how they would portray the Velvet Room, and how the protagonist, would merge personas in battle. Also, how the personas are when they use them is just SUPER AWESOME! There are times I’m at the edge of my seat, wondering what’s going to happen next.

In the game, you choose the social links you want to be friends with, and choose who your girlfriend will be. I’m quite the perfectionist, so of course, I want all the social links. Unfortunately, I need to level my characters up, thus cutting time for my socializing with girls, boys, children, old ladies, everyone. The good thing about the anime is, I didn’t get all the social links, so I just need to watch the anime and see what happens to the social links I couldn’t get max level with. As well as their stories.

Perhaps the character I really love the most is Nanako, especially during an episode where she becomes a detective, just like her father. If I were to have a daughter, I want her to be like that.

Here’s an image I drew of her:

I know this may not be reason enough to play the game/watch the anime, but its definitely worth the time and the effort. In my save file, I’m level 90+, with about 16 save files. Yes, I wanted to see certain parts of the game again.

Play the game. Or watch the anime. OR DO BOTH.

Touhou 6: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil

I’m pretty sure everyone ALIVE has played shooting games. Whether it be counter strike, mass effect, galaga, etc etc, we’ve all played it.

If you feel you’ve played EVERYTHING, have you tried playing Touhou?

If your answer is no, then you have not played every shooting game.

Touhou screens look like this.

Mind you, you need to AVOID those things that are all aiming at you. It was my first time playing Touhou yesterday, because a friend of mine who wrote a long LONG entry about Touhou kinda got to me so I decided to give it a shot.

I knew that Touhou was hard since I saw a friend play it ONCE and I remember saying that I would never play that game ever.

Boy, I was wrong.

It’s like playing moving “Where’s Waldo” when you see these screens. I kid you not, this game is hard. During my first gameplay, I died so many times, I hadn’t even reached the second stage yet. So far, I’ve only got Touhou 6. I’ve got to get the other games next.


Thanks to for the images, even though I just found the images in google!

Dragon Quest 9: Where I left off…

Okay, DRAGON QUEST. It’s been TOO LONG since I last wrote anything Dragon Quest. Now, I’ve put a sudden stop on playing Dragon Quest 4 since I kinda… Lost interest for a bit? Anyway… After I did a nintendo connection party with my friend, I figured I’d just continue Dragon Quest 9 from where I left off.

Whenever I play Dragon Quest 9, the first thing that always ALWAYS pops into my head is ‘crap, I need to gather ingredients for more Alchemy fun!’. I know getting ingredients for alchemy is a TOTAL BITCH but for some odd reason, I cannot just stop looking for items. I need to scurry around in one place to another and whenever I do find items, I go at it like a starving wolf, ready to attack anyone who tries to get it away from me.

The most craziest thing I’ve done is alchemise about x99 of Lunarias, Special Antidotes, and something else that heals a status. Then I would make silly headgears like the cat ears, the Slood, and armors which I never equip.

Perhaps the only thing I really liked was when the characters from the old Dragon Quest series gave me a pair of their clothing. I placed Bianca’s clothes on my character for the longest time since I LOVE BIANCA. I’ll possibly take a picture of my character wearing Bianca’s clothing sometime soon.

Also, the thing I don’t like about Dragon Quest is the Treasure Hunting thing. The monsters are TERRIBLY EASY but when I got to the boss, he shredded me like I was nothing. After that, I had to roll around in my bed while crying like a sore loser.

Side quests in this game is a TOTAL BITCH. How the HECK am I supposed to kill metal slimes using wizard ward? Just… WHOEVER PROGRAMMED THESE QUESTS NEEDS HELP. I hope he’s reading this. I REALLY DO HOPE SO. Some quests are BUTT EASY but there are some that just drive me up the wall. Like, example. The ranger quest. That drove me up a wall. I had to kill 3 Hocus Chimaeras using the skill Toxic Dagger (I think) and it had to die of poison. Just as its about to die, IT CASTS MIDHEAL and is in full health again. I had to buy a wand, make sure those bastards were silenced like THERE WAS NO TOMORROW and then watched the poison kill them. I think it took me more than an hour to kill all 3. But at least I became a ranger and started shooting arrows at everything and everyone, so it was all worth it.

Anyway, I had stopped in Batsureg where I had to do a weird bravery test of some sort for a kid. Only to find out how BRAVE AND NOBLE HE IS. The boss fight was easy peasy and I snorted at how it failed to kill me. After I finished Batsureg, I continued looking for more alchemy items while making myself rich (IT IS DIFFICULT TO BECOME RICH IN THIS GAME.), tried out some more classes so I could be a cheater with the Skill Points, and then I eventually made my way to Swinedimples Academy.

You know, even minor characters, such as NPCs, in Dragon Quest make this game totally worthwhile. You will totally notice how they talk to you, and all the bullcrap they tell you.  So the headmaster of Swinedimples Academy thinks I’m a detective, so I just nod and smile, and accept whatever is thrown at me. Apparently, there’s a Fygg in the academy! I must get it!! After finding out that students have been missing from the academy, I make my so called investigations and find out that a ghost has been terrorizing the academy. I then join a gang of bullies and one of them, who coincidentally doesn’t believe in ghosts, gets kidnapped by the said ghost. Turns out, the ghost has been bringing them UNDER THE SCHOOL. Turns out, below the school is the old Swinedimples Academy, full of zombies, ghosts, ice monsters, magicians, and dead scarecrows. I make my way through and find out that the ghost is actually the former headmaster of the academy.

Ok, here’s where it gets SUPER interesting.

Now the students, who are being punished for not attending class have been placed there, for who knows how long, and what really got to me was the guy who needed to take a piss. Oh man, his lines alone just made me laugh so hard. Nevertheless, for the sake of the Fygg, I fight against the former headmaster. Turns out, the former headmaster was disappointed because people weren’t taking their studies seriously. Now n0w, kids. Study hard, but not too hard. I’d rather play harder than study harder, but that’s me. And that’s how I survived college. Study hard, and play harder.

So we finally have all the Fyggs! Just as you return the Fygg’s to the observatory, the Twilight Express is struck down by a black dragon and that guy who helps you in your very first day as a celestian, Aquila. You have fallen into the deep dark depths of who knows where. I had fallen into a place where foreigners are not allowed. Come on you guys… Let’s spread Love and Peace. NO, APPARENTLY THEY STILL HATE YOUR GUTS. The reason for the cold shoulder was because I was attacked by a big black dragon. Thankfully, you need to make your way to where you will need to see the white dragon, which I conveniently forgot his name. Getting to the dragon was EXTREMELY irritating. I kinda forgot most of what happened so I will just end it here.

After so much drama and an awesome anime sequence, I wake up and find myself in a jail cell. After more irritating things, I eventually help a riot and then this is where I am stuck. Because the boss in this area shredded me like I was cheese, so I’m going through Dragon Quest withdrawal.

Overall, I’ll probably continue playing it after a few more months. Let’s hope I don’t forget about it!