Dragon Quest 6: Beginnings at its best.

Before I start writing about Dragon Quest 6, I want my followers to know that I have decided to stop playing Dragon Quest 4, due to reasons knowable only by me. I won’t state any further why I won’t play it anymore. Some people tell me I got lazy. I like to believe otherwise.

Okay, Dragon Quest 6. This is going to be my second time playing it. Only because in my first file, I didn’t like the name of my hero (I WAS HURTING BECAUSE OF A LOST LOVE, OKAY) so I decided to replay my whole Dragon Quest 6, despite my  first file being farther in the game.

It all starts out with you and 2 other Playable Characters (PC’s). You three are sitting by a small fire, and talk about how ‘it’s time’.

Time for what?

But really, you’re the hero of this story and you CANNOT question whatever happens in the story. Once you’re all done talking, you take control of your character and leave. I am such a good person so I made sure to put out the fire so no one can see us.

I walk up to a cliff and see Milly and Carver, standing there. Talk to Milly and she will play a golden ocarina. Once she’s done playing it, a golden dragon will appear. All of you jump on it and it brings you somewhere, most specifically a freaking huge castle with demon statues and a purple violet-ish rug. Or was it red?  I don’t remember. Make your way through the hallways until you get to a door. Enter it and you will see a creepy boss like thing. THANKFULLY you don’t fight it, because if you did, I think I’d be freaking out and just quit. You and your comrades all spin in the air and disappear.


The next scene is you on the floor. Apparently, you were dreaming. Now remember, when dreaming, do not fall of your bed. It will hurt. A LOT. Your sister will walk in and tells you that the mayor is looking for you. Your sister apparently can’t do it for you, because she has to get ready for the upcoming festival, which I forgot the name. So head to the mayor’s house, and he will give you items for a crown needed for the festival. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to be forced to accept his request because if you don’t, you will be stuck in Weaver’s Peak forever, and we don’t want that. So accept the quest and make your way to Haggleton.

But first, we must break all the pots, snoop around the drawers and take all the items!!

Once you’re done, we’re going through the mountain pass. It’s pretty straight forward if you really want to head down, but you can go and explore and get a few levels, before you head to Haggleton. You’ll find some items needed for the start of your journey in here, so be sure to check around. Eventually, you’ll make your way down the moutain, head out, and follow the road to Haggleton. It’s pretty straight forward, so there’s no need to make any unnecessary side trips.

Now, before you do anything, sell the items you got from the mayor. Don’t just sell it to some random merchant, NO. Sell it at the fighting brothers. The highest you’ll get is 480 gold. Once you have that money, get a thief’s key because you will need it in the inn. Trust me, I learned to regret it THE HARD WAY.

If you’ve noticed, some of the townspeople are saying that the king of Somnus could not visit because of a war brewing between some guy and the whole of humanity. Uh oh, that can’t be good. After that, head to the crownweaver’s house. Talk to his daughter to find out that her father is not there. He went to the western forest and has not returned since then. Looks like we know where we’re going!

Leave Haggleton and make your way west. Left, to those who don’t know where west is. If you notice, you’ll see a hole that shows a smaller world below. Go there and you’ll see the crownsweaver hanging on for dear life onto the ledge. Help him up, and to your dismay, you end up falling down the hole.

The adventure starts here.

And that’s how far I’ve gotten in my new save point. Keep tuned until next time. I’ll play more of it, I promise!!


No update for a long while

So sorry for not updating. Life is getting crummy at the moment. Also, been thinking of re-playing my Dragon Quest 4. Or I could totally skip it and play Dragon Quest 6.

I’ve also been in a writing slump. I have so many games I want to write about, but the words aren’t just coming out. I’m really sorry everyone.