Fortune Summoners: Cute, Deadly, and Difficult

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I recently played this game called Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone for the PC and I just have one word to say.

Looks can be very VERY deceiving. Arche, the girl with the sword, just moved to this town named Tolkiness (yes, Tolkiness) because her father wanted to take a break. In this world, children have to go to school, but not just any school. They have to go to a Magic School. Everyone in her new school is so surprised because she doesn’t know how to use magic, but instead knows how to use a sword.

Before I go any further, SHE’S REALLY YOUNG OKAY. How come she has a sword but when I was her age, all I had were barbie dolls and stuffed toys? Huh???

Apparently, she can’t use magic because she doesn’t have an elemental stone. In this world, you need elemental stones in order to cast magic. How crazy is that, huh? Anyhow, rumor has it that there’s an elemental stone in the cave behind the school. So you call on your friend, Sana, a water mage, to help you find the stone. You make your way through the cave and eventually find your very own elemental stone. But, there’s a catch. Your elemental stone has been sealed. The elemental of wind accompanies you, but his memories are almost gone so he doesn’t remember anything at all. Your quest to unseal the elemental stone starts.

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Now, this game is really nice. It really is. I’m pretty hooked onto it, and even though it looks so cutesy, I wouldn’t underestimate this game. It’s REALLY DIFFICULT. Getting used to the controls also takes some skill, since I’m more used to playing touhou style, using only the directional buttons, z, x, c, v, b and esc to control the game. In this game, you need the function buttons, the number pad, and other keys of the keyboard. Controlling Arche is a pain since she uses combos for her sword, which is probably why I like using Sana much more because I can control magic users much easily and I don’t need to destroy my laptop’s keyboard for it.

I’m not very far into the game, but it’s really fun. Just don’t underestimate this game!! Here’s one more screenshot for everyone to see~ I will be writing more about this game, hopefully in the future.

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