Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

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When I first got my 3ds, the first game I immediately bought was this; Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Why? Because when I tried the demo on my friend’s 3ds, I was hooked. Then I had another friend who had a 3ds but wasn’t fully experiencing the beauty of the 3ds. So I told her to download the demo, and a few days later, she told me that she bought the game and wouldn’t stop playing it.

Then flash forward to when I got my 3ds. I could’ve gotten Pokemon Black 2, or Kid Icarus, since I’ve been pining my friend about it since time immortal. But no, I decided to get Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. I love Final Fantasy music, whether it be chiptune, orchestral, whichever.

This game features the beautiful and memorable music of all Final Fantasy series. From Final Fantasy, back in 1987 (I was born this year!), up to the latest Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XIII in 2009.

Here’s what the equipment window looks like.

It’s really easy to navigate through the techniques. As long as you don’t go past your CP used, you’ll be fine. This is the strategy part of this game. You can only choose limited slots so be sure to choose wisely on which technique you’re going to use.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay.
Field Stage:

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First are the Field Stages. You basically walk through a field. You play through, again, memorable Final Fantasy World Map music. First you start out as your main character, whoever you chose, and you play the stage, with your character walking through the field. Once you get into Feature Zone, its the part of the stage that decides if you ride a chocobo or not. Once you do pass the Feature Zone, you ride a chocobo, as shown above, through the field for a certain length of the stage. Once that length is done, you get off the chocobo, and there is a chance you may run into a moogle near the end of the stage, which gives you a treasure chest that contains a random item. Most of the time, you may encounter a character from the different Final Fantasy series, at the end of the Field Stage. It depends which version you are playing though. If you are playing Final Fantasy VII, you may end up seeing Aeris/Aerith at the end of the stage.

Battle Stage:

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Next is the Battle Stages. Your four party members fight against random monsters, and a Final Fantasy series boss. As always, the music is from memorable battle music from Final Fantasy series. Item drops are really useful here. You get potions, Shiva’s Magicite, and if you’re really lucky, a colored Crystal. Those crystals are used to get more characters in your party. And finally, there’s the Event Stage.

Event Stage:

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Event Stage. It’s where usually the main theme of the song, of in this screenshot, for Final Fantasy X, the song Suteki Da Ne. It shows certain parts of the CG movies, or in-game battles that the game has. It’s like looking back on how the game. There’s the normal version and then the extended version. The extended version has well.. the extended version. It shows more CG’s and then ends.

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Before a stage usually starts, the four characters of your party say these random lines. At which, when their lines are really interesting, I just have to laugh because they say the craziest and the most random lines ever.

And last but not least, there’s the Chaos Shrine.

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In the Chaos Shrine, you receive a dark note, which helps you get new music, as well as items and crystals.

In my current profile, I have about 47,000+ Rhythmia, and my level 99 characters are: Vaan, Cloud, Cecil and Bartz. I cannot stop playing this game. I am too obsessed. This is why I haven’t been updating. I am so sorry.

Once I get sick of this game (which I highly doubt), I may review Paper Mario Sticker Star, once its out. Or Pokemon Black 2.


Ye Olde Tale

In the olden times, we had different ways of communication. There were letters, telegrams, SINGING TELEGRAMS and the telephone. Now we have iPhone, Android, Facebook, Twitter, Chat IM’s, Email, etc etc.

But this is different. My friends, I am pleased to tell you that I have a 3DS!!!

I will soon be writing about 3DS games.