Fire Emblem Awakening: why is Frederick so strong?

Continuing on with my fire emblem adventures, I start the game with a question.

Why is he dead?

Then I find out that it was just an illusion. Or dream. I don’t know, I just want to see more of Chrom’s face. My avatar wakes up and sees Chrom, Lissa and Frederick standing above me. My avatar yells out Chrom’s name and Chrom looks at my avatar, asking why she knows his name. My avatar responds with a “because I do” remark and tells them she has amnesia.


Story then ensues. We gotta save the town being attacked by bandits, therefore we do.

I am going to tell you now. Frederick is a strong as motherfucker. He is powerful. He can make enemy units fall like it were nothing. Like they are flies that don’t need to be dealt with. I’m crazy serious. Without him, your team would be nothing. After you save the town, Chrom tells my avatar that I am now their tactician. No questions asked. Lissa agrees but Frederick is skeptical. We can’t let people with amnesia fight for us. Nope, it falls on deaf ears.

Frederick, stop being a dick and accept me already!


Fire Emblem Awakening: are those…. Feet?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve liked a fire emblem game this much in forever. I’ve played the ds version back then and I never really appreciated it. I’m pretty sure DeCampanille enjoyed it much more than I did.

As for starters, I know I’m playing this game late, but due to circumstances, I could not get my 3ds until the 3rd week of June.

Moving on, I finally started my file. As always, I chose a female avatar, named her Christel, and started my own fire emblem adventure.

I was so hesitant. I couldn’t believe I starting another fire emblem game. I hated the ds version, so why am I playing the 3ds version? Little did I know I would eat those words.

This fire emblem is the best fire emblem I’ve ever played.

And this is the fire emblem that I have ever played where I was forced to press the home button more than 5 times.

I will be saying more further in the next posts. Stay tuned!