Fire Emblem Awakening: are those…. Feet?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve liked a fire emblem game this much in forever. I’ve played the ds version back then and I never really appreciated it. I’m pretty sure DeCampanille enjoyed it much more than I did.

As for starters, I know I’m playing this game late, but due to circumstances, I could not get my 3ds until the 3rd week of June.

Moving on, I finally started my file. As always, I chose a female avatar, named her Christel, and started my own fire emblem adventure.

I was so hesitant. I couldn’t believe I starting another fire emblem game. I hated the ds version, so why am I playing the 3ds version? Little did I know I would eat those words.

This fire emblem is the best fire emblem I’ve ever played.

And this is the fire emblem that I have ever played where I was forced to press the home button more than 5 times.

I will be saying more further in the next posts. Stay tuned!


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