Fire Emblem Awakening: why is Frederick so strong?

Continuing on with my fire emblem adventures, I start the game with a question.

Why is he dead?

Then I find out that it was just an illusion. Or dream. I don’t know, I just want to see more of Chrom’s face. My avatar wakes up and sees Chrom, Lissa and Frederick standing above me. My avatar yells out Chrom’s name and Chrom looks at my avatar, asking why she knows his name. My avatar responds with a “because I do” remark and tells them she has amnesia.


Story then ensues. We gotta save the town being attacked by bandits, therefore we do.

I am going to tell you now. Frederick is a strong as motherfucker. He is powerful. He can make enemy units fall like it were nothing. Like they are flies that don’t need to be dealt with. I’m crazy serious. Without him, your team would be nothing. After you save the town, Chrom tells my avatar that I am now their tactician. No questions asked. Lissa agrees but Frederick is skeptical. We can’t let people with amnesia fight for us. Nope, it falls on deaf ears.

Frederick, stop being a dick and accept me already!


3 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening: why is Frederick so strong?

  1. Fredrick sucks, in my opinion. I cannot kill a damn thing with him. The only time he succeeded was when I let a friend try to fight with him. If you really want a good unit, level Donnel up. It’s a pain at first, but he will be Grima’s nightmare in the end (just don’t make him a Bow Knight, since those guys are crap). The Avatar is also good when maxed out, and same with Morgan, since they can become nearly anything, which gives them opportunities for great Skills. Another problem with Frederick is he ALWAYS has a weakness, no made what class he is, he’s always some kind of Knight or Rider, making him weak to certain weapons, or even characters like Streetpass teams with level 15+ Tauguls and Manakeets. I just seem to understand why everyone likes him, when he’s only good for the first three chapters…

    • Yeah, you’re actually right. He was pretty powerful during the first few chapters. I’m in chapter 20 now, and he’s pretty much a sitting duck. My strongest character right now is Tharja, Chrom, and my Avatar. I’m still in the process of training Donnel, but I’m currently working on the characters with the children so I can get the others ready. I actually made Frederick a Griffon Rider and oh my fucking glob he is so WEAK. I can’t stand using him now.

      • Frederick is a beast in theearly game but you need to reclass him mid game. (but why a griffon rider?! it is only good to get the lance breaker skill to make his rider class less vulurable to anti-horse weapons, switch him back to paladin imeadiatly afterwards!) he is one of the strongest 1gen physical fighters. maxed out, after the avatar he is the srongets 1gen unit! this in not my opinion but a look at the maxed out stats. chrom is really weak compared to others. his only advantage is his lord skill set which is not that great…
        i never bothered to train chrom scince i knew in the very beginning he wouldnt make it into my team. at the end of the game i got king marth who is just the better lord unit. so yeah, used correctly frederick is a beast.

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