Fire Emblem Awakening: Ruffles is here!

Excuse the lack of posts I’ve been doing. Real life likes to get in the way a lot, and my female unit recently got married to Chrom, so I had to watch them make a baby and be all mushy and happy about it.

Z-z-z-z-zombies!!! No, not really. As Lissa decides to take a walk, since she doesn’t like eating BEAR, she gets attacked by zombies. But lo-and-behold, Lissa gets saved by a mysterious swordsman! Surprisingly, this swordsman looks a lot like Marth. Chrom and Lissa are very thankful.

As far as I remember, you have Chrom, Frederick, Lissa and my avatar, Christel, in the party. But whoa, there are so many of these zombie-like things. How are WE going to beat them all? Let Frederick do the work?


Here comes Sully and Virion, to save the day! If it weren’t for you, we’d be dead!

Not really, Frederick is there.

And now he trusts me!!


2 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening: Ruffles is here!

    • Oh poop, I know. 😦 You can’t watch them make children! So I had to imagine a scenario where they did instead!!

      And nice site! 😀 Going to add you to my watch list!

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