Dillon’s Rolling Western


Dillon’s Rolling Western was one of the first well reviewed bunch of games that came out along with the Nintendo eShop. Alongside Pushmo and Colors 3D, it was one of the games I had on my must buy as soon as possible list when I got the 3DS.

The game is mostly described as a mixture between action and tower and its almost right in that respect but one will realize after playing that it is way more heavy on the action part.

The game’s story follows Dillon, an armadillo, as he and his sidekick protect towns from getting their cattle eaten by rock monsters, called Grocks that pop out of the earth. For some reason the townsfolk are terrified of facing these Grocks head on and would rather place ineffective towers as well as hire total strangers to do all the dirty work.

As Dillon, you roll around the map and get rid of these monsters before they can go on their snack binge. After hitting an enemy on the main game you enter a small arena and then its time to appreciate Dillon’s fancy footwork as his moves are nice to see, easy to control and are really effective. He even has items for one shot effects as well as a  meter that allows a super move when activated.


The tower defense part of the game comes in via the watch towers and gun towers scattered throughout the map. These towers are there to relieve part of the burden for Dillon as they can damage and even take out some of the enemies. They are in predetermined locations, however, and you can only change the guns or upgrade them. Also, towers are upgraded/equipped straight from Dillon’s wallet and since cash is mostly your reward for finishing stages, you can purchase and upgrade a lot of towers and make the stage a breeze but actually spend more than you will earn, which is seriously not fun.

You can’t ignore the towers either as there are multiple paths to the town and when you are fighting one group of enemies you can be bypassed by the rest. Another thing is when the Grocks move through areas which are not within any line of sight of a tower, they move really fast sometimes even phasing through cliffs. Oh and the Grocks will also attack and destroy the towers.

So the game is actually an intense round of rushing around and killing enemies while managing and defending a network of towers, in which you also need to take some time to harvest food for the cattle, mine minerals, and accomplish quests.
Its a heck of a lot of work and all the sliding and tapping with the stylus actually got me a ruined screen protector!

Duo pose

In closing,  the game is a lot of fun. However, its so hectic that it kinda grinds you down. Like how scaling a wall or making a model airplane, can both be fun for the person but at the same time so tiring that you wouldn’t want to do it all the time. I have to confess, after I switched to a 3DS XL, I re-installed all my purchased games immediately except for this game because I don’t want to go through all that work again. Play it, finish it, get bragging rights for finishing the game as it is indeed an achievement, then shelve it.

Dillon’s Rolling Western is available on the Nintendo eShop 😀