Dragon Quest 6: Beginnings at its best.

Before I start writing about Dragon Quest 6, I want my followers to know that I have decided to stop playing Dragon Quest 4, due to reasons knowable only by me. I won’t state any further why I won’t play it anymore. Some people tell me I got lazy. I like to believe otherwise.

Okay, Dragon Quest 6. This is going to be my second time playing it. Only because in my first file, I didn’t like the name of my hero (I WAS HURTING BECAUSE OF A LOST LOVE, OKAY) so I decided to replay my whole Dragon Quest 6, despite my  first file being farther in the game.

It all starts out with you and 2 other Playable Characters (PC’s). You three are sitting by a small fire, and talk about how ‘it’s time’.

Time for what?

But really, you’re the hero of this story and you CANNOT question whatever happens in the story. Once you’re all done talking, you take control of your character and leave. I am such a good person so I made sure to put out the fire so no one can see us.

I walk up to a cliff and see Milly and Carver, standing there. Talk to Milly and she will play a golden ocarina. Once she’s done playing it, a golden dragon will appear. All of you jump on it and it brings you somewhere, most specifically a freaking huge castle with demon statues and a purple violet-ish rug. Or was it red?  I don’t remember. Make your way through the hallways until you get to a door. Enter it and you will see a creepy boss like thing. THANKFULLY you don’t fight it, because if you did, I think I’d be freaking out and just quit. You and your comrades all spin in the air and disappear.


The next scene is you on the floor. Apparently, you were dreaming. Now remember, when dreaming, do not fall of your bed. It will hurt. A LOT. Your sister will walk in and tells you that the mayor is looking for you. Your sister apparently can’t do it for you, because she has to get ready for the upcoming festival, which I forgot the name. So head to the mayor’s house, and he will give you items for a crown needed for the festival. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to be forced to accept his request because if you don’t, you will be stuck in Weaver’s Peak forever, and we don’t want that. So accept the quest and make your way to Haggleton.

But first, we must break all the pots, snoop around the drawers and take all the items!!

Once you’re done, we’re going through the mountain pass. It’s pretty straight forward if you really want to head down, but you can go and explore and get a few levels, before you head to Haggleton. You’ll find some items needed for the start of your journey in here, so be sure to check around. Eventually, you’ll make your way down the moutain, head out, and follow the road to Haggleton. It’s pretty straight forward, so there’s no need to make any unnecessary side trips.

Now, before you do anything, sell the items you got from the mayor. Don’t just sell it to some random merchant, NO. Sell it at the fighting brothers. The highest you’ll get is 480 gold. Once you have that money, get a thief’s key because you will need it in the inn. Trust me, I learned to regret it THE HARD WAY.

If you’ve noticed, some of the townspeople are saying that the king of Somnus could not visit because of a war brewing between some guy and the whole of humanity. Uh oh, that can’t be good. After that, head to the crownweaver’s house. Talk to his daughter to find out that her father is not there. He went to the western forest and has not returned since then. Looks like we know where we’re going!

Leave Haggleton and make your way west. Left, to those who don’t know where west is. If you notice, you’ll see a hole that shows a smaller world below. Go there and you’ll see the crownsweaver hanging on for dear life onto the ledge. Help him up, and to your dismay, you end up falling down the hole.

The adventure starts here.

And that’s how far I’ve gotten in my new save point. Keep tuned until next time. I’ll play more of it, I promise!!


Dragon Quest 9: Where I left off…

Okay, DRAGON QUEST. It’s been TOO LONG since I last wrote anything Dragon Quest. Now, I’ve put a sudden stop on playing Dragon Quest 4 since I kinda… Lost interest for a bit? Anyway… After I did a nintendo connection party with my friend, I figured I’d just continue Dragon Quest 9 from where I left off.

Whenever I play Dragon Quest 9, the first thing that always ALWAYS pops into my head is ‘crap, I need to gather ingredients for more Alchemy fun!’. I know getting ingredients for alchemy is a TOTAL BITCH but for some odd reason, I cannot just stop looking for items. I need to scurry around in one place to another and whenever I do find items, I go at it like a starving wolf, ready to attack anyone who tries to get it away from me.

The most craziest thing I’ve done is alchemise about x99 of Lunarias, Special Antidotes, and something else that heals a status. Then I would make silly headgears like the cat ears, the Slood, and armors which I never equip.

Perhaps the only thing I really liked was when the characters from the old Dragon Quest series gave me a pair of their clothing. I placed Bianca’s clothes on my character for the longest time since I LOVE BIANCA. I’ll possibly take a picture of my character wearing Bianca’s clothing sometime soon.

Also, the thing I don’t like about Dragon Quest is the Treasure Hunting thing. The monsters are TERRIBLY EASY but when I got to the boss, he shredded me like I was nothing. After that, I had to roll around in my bed while crying like a sore loser.

Side quests in this game is a TOTAL BITCH. How the HECK am I supposed to kill metal slimes using wizard ward? Just… WHOEVER PROGRAMMED THESE QUESTS NEEDS HELP. I hope he’s reading this. I REALLY DO HOPE SO. Some quests are BUTT EASY but there are some that just drive me up the wall. Like, example. The ranger quest. That drove me up a wall. I had to kill 3 Hocus Chimaeras using the skill Toxic Dagger (I think) and it had to die of poison. Just as its about to die, IT CASTS MIDHEAL and is in full health again. I had to buy a wand, make sure those bastards were silenced like THERE WAS NO TOMORROW and then watched the poison kill them. I think it took me more than an hour to kill all 3. But at least I became a ranger and started shooting arrows at everything and everyone, so it was all worth it.

Anyway, I had stopped in Batsureg where I had to do a weird bravery test of some sort for a kid. Only to find out how BRAVE AND NOBLE HE IS. The boss fight was easy peasy and I snorted at how it failed to kill me. After I finished Batsureg, I continued looking for more alchemy items while making myself rich (IT IS DIFFICULT TO BECOME RICH IN THIS GAME.), tried out some more classes so I could be a cheater with the Skill Points, and then I eventually made my way to Swinedimples Academy.

You know, even minor characters, such as NPCs, in Dragon Quest make this game totally worthwhile. You will totally notice how they talk to you, and all the bullcrap they tell you.  So the headmaster of Swinedimples Academy thinks I’m a detective, so I just nod and smile, and accept whatever is thrown at me. Apparently, there’s a Fygg in the academy! I must get it!! After finding out that students have been missing from the academy, I make my so called investigations and find out that a ghost has been terrorizing the academy. I then join a gang of bullies and one of them, who coincidentally doesn’t believe in ghosts, gets kidnapped by the said ghost. Turns out, the ghost has been bringing them UNDER THE SCHOOL. Turns out, below the school is the old Swinedimples Academy, full of zombies, ghosts, ice monsters, magicians, and dead scarecrows. I make my way through and find out that the ghost is actually the former headmaster of the academy.

Ok, here’s where it gets SUPER interesting.

Now the students, who are being punished for not attending class have been placed there, for who knows how long, and what really got to me was the guy who needed to take a piss. Oh man, his lines alone just made me laugh so hard. Nevertheless, for the sake of the Fygg, I fight against the former headmaster. Turns out, the former headmaster was disappointed because people weren’t taking their studies seriously. Now n0w, kids. Study hard, but not too hard. I’d rather play harder than study harder, but that’s me. And that’s how I survived college. Study hard, and play harder.

So we finally have all the Fyggs! Just as you return the Fygg’s to the observatory, the Twilight Express is struck down by a black dragon and that guy who helps you in your very first day as a celestian, Aquila. You have fallen into the deep dark depths of who knows where. I had fallen into a place where foreigners are not allowed. Come on you guys… Let’s spread Love and Peace. NO, APPARENTLY THEY STILL HATE YOUR GUTS. The reason for the cold shoulder was because I was attacked by a big black dragon. Thankfully, you need to make your way to where you will need to see the white dragon, which I conveniently forgot his name. Getting to the dragon was EXTREMELY irritating. I kinda forgot most of what happened so I will just end it here.

After so much drama and an awesome anime sequence, I wake up and find myself in a jail cell. After more irritating things, I eventually help a riot and then this is where I am stuck. Because the boss in this area shredded me like I was cheese, so I’m going through Dragon Quest withdrawal.

Overall, I’ll probably continue playing it after a few more months. Let’s hope I don’t forget about it!

Dragon Quest V: Kids, Grandparents, and saving the world. All in time for dinner.

First of all, I’m terribly sorry that I have not written a thing here for over a week. I’ve been extremely busy with many (relevant and mostly irrelevant) things, which I will probably post about when I have the chance and mostly, time.

Continuing on from where we last stopped…

So as I am reunited with my children, now comes the part of having to save my wife. I end up going to the eastern continent and looking around that area. I make my way through sea passages, mountains, and eventually end up in a town hidden from everything and everyone else. I learn that this town, called Lofty Peak, is where my mother was born and raised.

People tell me that my father met my mother and they both fell head over heels with each other. But really, I’m not interested in that right now. I need to save my wife, dammit. So I make my way throughout the town and then find a magic carpet! I leave town and use the magic carpet to get to Zenithia tower. From there, I need to get the Magma Staff and make my way to the castle of Zenithia where is submerged underwater.

Going through an old mine, I meet a man named Dr. Agon and eventually we both travel together to Zenithia castle. Unfortunately, the castle can’t fly to the sky “YET” for the golden orbs needed to make the castle fly.


First, you need to go through the Neverglade and make your way to the fairie palace. Once you do that, you can travel to the past. If you remembered in the beginning of the game, you ran into an older version of yourself. Talk to the young version of yourself and you’ll get a golden orb from little you. Yes, golden orb GET! The other golden orb, you get from Dr. Agon.

Now, in order to save your wife, you need a dragon.

As always, there is no rest for the wicked. I made my way to the Dragon Temple and found the Zenithian Tintinnabulum, which allows me to call a dragon. I head back to Zenithia, because it can fly now, and talk to Dr. Agon. It seems that the dragon we are looking for is right there all along! Dr. Agon is the dragon we’ve been looking for! Funny how his name is like, Dr. Agon without the period is dr agon which is… Well, dragon.

Good one, Dragon Quest!

Remember when your father died, and you and Harry were brought to a place where you all became slaves? Yeah, you need to return to that place. Use your dragon to get to that place and then make your way through to get to your wife. You see your wife who is still a statue and someone with black hair. After stopping the ritual, your daughter removes the curse upon your wife, and your whole family is reunited.

I shed a few tears here.

After an annoying quest in Monstroferrato, which is actually needed because you need to get the key that opens all doors, I made my way to Nadiria, where the Grandmaster Nimzo is rising to power. I make my way through Nadiria and to Nimzo’s castle, which is in Mount Zugzwang. It sounds kinda hard to say but I usually just say Mount Zuzwang. Anyway…

Going through Mount Zugzwang is HELLA ANNOYING. I had to go through a puzzle that drove me mad. But the end was worth it.

I actually have a funny story about this. Right when I finished Dragon Quest 5, I was supposed to meet up with a friend so we can party in Dragon Quest 9 so I can help her finish where she’s stuck, only to find out that she’s much more ahead than I am. So instead of meeting her at the appointed time, I met her 2 hours after the appointed time. Sorry!

Anyway, my mother dies and my father tells her that its enough, for they should leave the world saving to us.

Thanks for giving me such a crazy huge responsibility, dad. Really. Thanks.

Anyway, I make my way to where Nizmo is and I fight this crazy boss fight.

After defeating him, I finished Dragon Quest 5. Going through everything was totally worth it. It was very nice.

Currently, I am now playing Dragon Quest 4. I’ll see if I can write about it since I’m on fire when it comes to playing video games. Also, I need to finish Dragon Quest 9. I have no idea how to connect it to the WiFi though. I can only play with my friend and my nephew, but only because we meet up with each other when we can.

For those who have been reading about my Dragon Quest 5 ramblings, thank you very much! I promise to be as funny when it comes to writing about all the games I play, as well as the art I do, and what’s happening in my life as well.

Now, time to play some more Dragon Quest 4!

Pokemon White: Dream World

So I have been meaning to update on Dragon Quest V but I’ve been um….kinda busy with Pokemon White. An officemate of mine kinda got me back into the Pokemon business so I’ve been training my pokemon to be the best that they can be.

I also entered the famed “Dream World”.

It kept on hanging on my a lot of times because my internet connection is the shit but it was quite enjoyable. I wanted a FREAKING TANGELA but alas, I only got this:

It’s the special pokemon that you can actually meet in the Dream World. It has the ability ‘thick fat’ which makes fighting fire-type pokemon somewhat a breeze. I need to log in again the dream world and get the Munna C-Gear design, as well as the Generation 5 Starter Pokemon design for the PokeDex.

To those who do play pokemon in my wordpress, you can always check my sidebar for my friend code. I normally go online on random times and I’m usually in the Dream World, playing Wailord Spout. (I actually forgot the name of the game. All I know is that it has Wailord in it.)

Next to Pokemon, I checked my Dragon Quest 9 cartridge and I checked my quests.

I almost chucked my NDSi out the window.

What type of lunatic asks for crazy quests like this? It’s bad enough METAL SLIMES run away from most battles and then you need to defeat it using a skill? I mean, seriously? I know you have to be patient but I would never do this for the life of me. NEVER.

Unless I really had to.

I still haven’t had the chance to check what my friend code is for Dragon Quest 9, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Right now, I need to do other things. Like play more Pokemon White!

Dragon Quest V: After your marriage, along with kids

It’s been a long long while since I actually wrote something that consisted about Dragon Quest. If you want to read the previous entries, just click the category “Dragon Quest guys omg!” and you’ll be able to read my older entries.

So after our marriage with our lovely Bianca, I then set out on a journey to go back to the country my father, Pankraz, was ruling. In order to actually get there, we gotta make some stops on the way.

Zoom to Lodestar Harbour and get your ship there.


Every RPG player has most likely experienced this. Whenever you get a ship or a flying machine, you know you just HAVE TO EXPLORE whatever you can explore. Before going on with the story, let’s explore what we can!

First is The Ventuno. It’s a big casino on a ship. I think I spent a few hours horsing around in this ship. Next is Knick-Knacktory. If you guys have noticed, you’ll get items that have the descriptions of Knick-Knack’s on it. And finally, Dominicus’ Dominion. You exchange Mini Medals for items in this place!

Okay, back to the story!

I made my way to the desert to find that the Zenithian Helm is located there. Unfortunately, I cannot wear it since I am not the “hero”  that will banish evil. But at least we know where it is! After talking to the queen of Helmunaptra, I must head back to Gotha, my home country.

Now, going to Gotha is a real pain. While heading to Gotha, my wife, Bianca, keeps on collapsing. Uh Oh, female instincts hitting up, you guys. As soon as I reach Gotha, it seems that my uncle has been taking care of the country while Xale and Pankraz has been out. Now that I’m back in Gotha, I must go through the ritual of passage, which will allow me to be the King of Gotha.

After going through trials, which were INCREDIBLY ANNOYING, I finally become the King of Gotha. Also, Bianca gives birth to twins.

Okay, I just see something so illogical here. First off, when a woman gets pregnant, it normally takes 10 months for the babies to actually form. But its been like what? 2 months AND Bianca already gives birth to twins??? Is this how RPG family making works? I would so hate it if it was like that! Moving on…


While everyone is passed out at night, you feel that there is something wrong. I quickly ran to my wife and find that she’s been kidnapped. Thankfully, my children were hidden away! The next morning, I make my way to save her. In the end, I don’t save her.

We both turn into statues and are sold off into different places.

Xale spends his time in a family, that sees their child grow up. Until their child is taken away and then I’m blamed for not protecting their family. Uh, duh? I’m not exactly a moving statue, you stupid old man.

~Eight Years Later~

My children see me and then lift the stony curse upon me.


This goes to show what type of parent I’m going to become when I do get kids.

Okay, this is all I’m going to write for now. I’m actually farther in my file and I think I’m about to finish the game so… Until next time, keep on playing Dragon Quest and enjoy!

Dragon Quest V: Getting a bit–wife. But first!

Did everyone have a new year? I think my new year is set for me. My plans for this year are:

1. Get a 3DS instead of a PSP. Friend said that I should get a 3DS instead of a PSP so I think I will…
2. Lose weight.
3. Play more games and write them all here!!

You see, I have a few new toys. First is this:

My friend lent me his PSP so I don’t have to buy one. For now, I’m only playing 2 games. Persona 3 Portable and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. Other than that, I don’t know what else I’m going to play.

Next, I got a cute new charm for my DSi.

Yes, I have an Evangelion character on my DSi. Also, my DSi is the limited edition orange that included a Mario Party cartridge in it.

Okay, enough about me. Let’s get on with Dragon Quest!!

After my little stint in Monstoferrato, I’m now required to get the Ring of Fire and the Ring of Water. So I made my way, south of Monstroferrato to the Volcano there and retrieved the Ring of Fire. I make my way back to Monstroferrato and then I head north to get the Ring of Water.

The path headed to the Ring of Water, unfortunately was blocked. But lo and behold, there’s a town. We enter the town of Stockenbarrel and talk to everyone. But wait.. Bianca?! Yes! You have found Bianca! And what luck, she can open the gate that will lead to the Ring of Water.

Flashback time!

Remember the childhood friend from this post?  Yea, that’s her. Her father is a sickly (yet plump) old man, and her mother is the image of health.

End flashback.

As you notice, Bianca is standing in front of a grave, not paying attention to anyone or anything. You walk to her house, and her father is the first one that greets you. I know, the mother died first. I mean, how??? As Bianca’s father continuously talks to you, Bianca walks in and is so very happy to see Xale. Once the cutscenes were over, I talked to Bianca’s father and it seems he’s never seen her so happy.

Female instincts hitting up over here.

So Bianca opens the gate and we make our way through the cave that holds the Ring of Water. After getting the Ring of Water, we headed back to Monstroferrato and gave the rings to Nera’s father. But what’s this?! You can actually marry Bianca?!?

So you wake up in the middle of the night before your marriage. I talked to everyone in the village and went back to sleep.

Then I made my decision.

The next morning, I made my way back to the Mansion that Nera lives in and talked to her father. At first, I could choose 2 women to be my bride. But then, Nera’s older sister, Deborah walked down and said she liked me, and if I didn’t choose her, I’d be stupid.

Well, stupid is what I am.

So after the long run, I chose…

Yep. I chose Bianca. Deborah became a total bitch and just ran off. Nera was really supportive. After all that, I had to get the wedding veil in the town where Bianca lives. I got the veil and next thing I know, Prince Harry and Maria were there and celebrating my wedding. It doesn’t matter who you choose too since Nera’s father will give you the Zenithian Shield. You have the Zenithian sword too so its all good.

And that’s all for now. I’m happily married and I have nothing to worry about. Yeah, I still need to save the world.

I hope everyone had a great new year. I just welcomed it with Persona 3 Portable and good music, namely Daft Punk!

Dragon Quest V, continuing on…

Spoilers ahead!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

How was everyone’s christmas? I didn’t get much stuff at all, but it was an interesting christmas. 8D My boyfriend gave me gift certificates which I can use whenever I want to, so that’s good. Also, I didn’t eat a lot so I don’t have to worry about gaining weight!

Now, I have attained the Ra’s Mirror! I braved through the tower where the Ra’s Mirror was hidden and have successfully defeated the fake Queen Dowager! After restoring peace to Coburg, Prince Harry leaves my party and I make my way to the other continent, and I end up in the town of Lodestar Harbour.

I walk into a bar and lo and behold,  I’m recruited to slay a monster. Poor Monster. Anyhow, I make my way through a run-down place called Hay, which is ~*SO*~ surprising because most of their houses are made of hay! Ha ha! Get it? HAY!!!


Moving on, I make my way through a cave and realize that the monster that’s been terrorizing the town of Hay is my own little sabercat, Saber! I dangle the ribbon Bianca gave me in the beginning of the game, back when we were 6 years old, and Saber recognizes it. He then becomes my ally in fighting crime and justice!

Okay, not really but moving on…

Apparently, the people of Hay are now mad at me because they thought I was in cahoots with Saber, and only acted like I was going to get rid of the so-called monster, when all I really wanted was the money (which is kinda true).

Anyway, now that people in Hay hate me, I made my way back to Lodestar Harbour and headed west to Zoomingale, where I learned the spell Zoom. Leaning the spell isn’t easy though. I had to look for the Lunar Flower which was the final ingredient to learn Zoom. As soon as I learned zoom, I headed straight to Coburg to realize that HARRY MARRIED MARIA!!!

Why do people keep on getting married in this game?

Anyway, after zooming around from old town to old town, I made my way to Monstroferrato.

Where I have to get married to a woman.

Why do I even… Sigh.

That’s all for now, since that’s where I stopped in my game. Until then, happy gaming guys and have a good new year!