No update for a long while

So sorry for not updating. Life is getting crummy at the moment. Also, been thinking of re-playing my Dragon Quest 4. Or I could totally skip it and play Dragon Quest 6.

I’ve also been in a writing slump. I have so many games I want to write about, but the words aren’t just coming out. I’m really sorry everyone.


Fun with Polymer Clay <3

Yesterday, a few of my officemates and I decided to play with some Polymer Clay.

These are the results (WARNING, PICTURE HEAVY) :

This is all of the combined stuff we did.

Sushi comparison with a 5 Peso coin.

Mr. Cellphone Stand sure enjoys his sushi!

A carrot and an eggplant with a 5 peso comparison.


A toucan of some sorts. He has a tie!

I made this weird soft taco quesadilla thing.

The zombie from Plants VS. Zombies!

I think this is from Nightmare before Christmas or something… I really don’t know.

An octopus Terribells did.

A cat(??) Terribells did too.

A rabbit and its carrot.


And a very intricate pizza!

We’re going to make ramen, and other types of japanese food today. Wish us luck!!

I’m still alive!

Hello everyone. Just making a quick update. For those who are wondering why I haven’t been posting anything, its because I’ve been busy with Dragon Quest 9 and I’m continuing the Asahi Toru comic I’ve been drawing.

No worries, though. I’m almost done drawing the 10 panels and I’ll post them all in one swell post.

Look forward to it!

Dragon Quest V: Getting a bit–wife. But first!

Did everyone have a new year? I think my new year is set for me. My plans for this year are:

1. Get a 3DS instead of a PSP. Friend said that I should get a 3DS instead of a PSP so I think I will…
2. Lose weight.
3. Play more games and write them all here!!

You see, I have a few new toys. First is this:

My friend lent me his PSP so I don’t have to buy one. For now, I’m only playing 2 games. Persona 3 Portable and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. Other than that, I don’t know what else I’m going to play.

Next, I got a cute new charm for my DSi.

Yes, I have an Evangelion character on my DSi. Also, my DSi is the limited edition orange that included a Mario Party cartridge in it.

Okay, enough about me. Let’s get on with Dragon Quest!!

After my little stint in Monstoferrato, I’m now required to get the Ring of Fire and the Ring of Water. So I made my way, south of Monstroferrato to the Volcano there and retrieved the Ring of Fire. I make my way back to Monstroferrato and then I head north to get the Ring of Water.

The path headed to the Ring of Water, unfortunately was blocked. But lo and behold, there’s a town. We enter the town of Stockenbarrel and talk to everyone. But wait.. Bianca?! Yes! You have found Bianca! And what luck, she can open the gate that will lead to the Ring of Water.

Flashback time!

Remember the childhood friend from this post? ¬†Yea, that’s her. Her father is a sickly (yet plump) old man, and her mother is the image of health.

End flashback.

As you notice, Bianca is standing in front of a grave, not paying attention to anyone or anything. You walk to her house, and her father is the first one that greets you. I know, the mother died first. I mean, how??? As Bianca’s father continuously talks to you, Bianca walks in and is so very happy to see Xale. Once the cutscenes were over, I talked to Bianca’s father and it seems he’s never seen her so happy.

Female instincts hitting up over here.

So Bianca opens the gate and we make our way through the cave that holds the Ring of Water. After getting the Ring of Water, we headed back to Monstroferrato and gave the rings to Nera’s father. But what’s this?! You can actually marry Bianca?!?

So you wake up in the middle of the night before your marriage. I talked to everyone in the village and went back to sleep.

Then I made my decision.

The next morning, I made my way back to the Mansion that Nera lives in and talked to her father. At first, I could choose 2 women to be my bride. But then, Nera’s older sister, Deborah walked down and said she liked me, and if I didn’t choose her, I’d be stupid.

Well, stupid is what I am.

So after the long run, I chose…

Yep. I chose Bianca. Deborah became a total bitch and just ran off. Nera was really supportive. After all that, I had to get the wedding veil in the town where Bianca lives. I got the veil and next thing I know, Prince Harry and Maria were there and celebrating my wedding. It doesn’t matter who you choose too since Nera’s father will give you the Zenithian Shield. You have the Zenithian sword too so its all good.

And that’s all for now. I’m happily married and I have nothing to worry about. Yeah, I still need to save the world.

I hope everyone had a great new year. I just welcomed it with Persona 3 Portable and good music, namely Daft Punk!