Persona 4: Why you should play the game/watch the anime

Before you read this entry, let me further warn you now, this will contain TOTAL SPOILERS for the anime series of Persona 4. Read with ABSOLUTE caution.

There are reasons why people should play certain games. For instance, take Super Mario Bros. Everyone I know has played it since forever, and continues to play it to experience the thrill they experienced when they were 15-20-30 years younger.

Fast forward to where the PS2 released one of its last best PS2 game.

Persona 4.

Before I’ve played Persona 4, I recently finished Persona 3, but never got to finishing Persona 3 FES for unknown (I was lazy) reasons, and figured that it’d be like the Final Fantasy games, where they all share a same title, but have different stories, different characters, and don’t conflict or connect with one another. Persona 4 was something like that. It wasn’t entirely related to Persona 3 but the gameplay was similar.

It was so different when I played the game.

Now, a few years later, the team who made Persona 4 decided to release an anime of the game. I did imaginary backflips and was yelling to the whole world to play the game, watch the anime when it comes out, etc etc.

As I watched the first episode, I remembered the first time I put Persona 4 in my PlayStation2 and felt the ecstasy of the game.

The storyline is totally superb. You are an exchange student from the city, living with your uncle and your cousin, making friends, becoming a playboy, and hopefully pass your exams, while figuring out who the murderer is, leaving bodies hanging on TV antennae’s. Character-wise, you’re quiet, you make your own decisions, and some decisions affect the game’s storyline.

Your team members are very loveable, as well as the other characters you encounter in this game. You make your team members into Social Links, which allow you to make, and merge personas.

As I furthered watching the anime, I was extremely impressed how they would portray the Velvet Room, and how the protagonist, would merge personas in battle. Also, how the personas are when they use them is just SUPER AWESOME! There are times I’m at the edge of my seat, wondering what’s going to happen next.

In the game, you choose the social links you want to be friends with, and choose who your girlfriend will be. I’m quite the perfectionist, so of course, I want all the social links. Unfortunately, I need to level my characters up, thus cutting time for my socializing with girls, boys, children, old ladies, everyone. The good thing about the anime is, I didn’t get all the social links, so I just need to watch the anime and see what happens to the social links I couldn’t get max level with. As well as their stories.

Perhaps the character I really love the most is Nanako, especially during an episode where she becomes a detective, just like her father. If I were to have a daughter, I want her to be like that.

Here’s an image I drew of her:

I know this may not be reason enough to play the game/watch the anime, but its definitely worth the time and the effort. In my save file, I’m level 90+, with about 16 save files. Yes, I wanted to see certain parts of the game again.

Play the game. Or watch the anime. OR DO BOTH.