Pokemon X and Y

As we’ve all heard, there will be a new series of pokemon games coming out this October. Their titles are: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Kinda sad that its not going to be the same old colors, but its viable that its letters now. Combining X, Y and Z will become a complete 3D plane, just using the 3DS as an advantage.

I can’t wait to reserve my own copy. Mark your calendars for October!


Pokemon Conquest: Pokemon games meet Strategy Genre

image from: pokemon.com

This article has some spoilers. If you do not want to read the spoilers. They will be displayed in big bold texts.

A friend of mine recently gave me his cartridge of Pokemon Conquest. I’ve been meaning to get my own cartridge, but it came in the form of ‘I cannot figure out this game, so you can have it’ wish.

image from: nintendo-gamer.net

As I’ve seen back in the japanese release, its exactly like a final fantasy tactics mixed with adorable pokemons. A few friends and I went slightly crazy about the release of this game.

Flash forward to today. I just finished this game 2 weeks after receiving it from my friend. Most of the game, I laughed at it for being too easy. But there was only ONE POINT in the game where I had lost 2 times. Other times, I had just saved my skin from being too near the blades of death. Now, onto the story…


Movie cutscene, you, who are born in the Ransei region, find friends, win battles, you know, the usual stuff.

image from: about.com

Since I’m a girl, its default that I choose the girl warrior (although I did want to try the boy warrior). You are the lord of the castle called Aurora and your partner pokemon is an Eevee, which is very rare in the whole of Ransei region. In this castle, you meet Oichi, Mitsunari, Kiyomasa and Masanori. Mitsunari, Kiyomasa and Masanori think that you’re a washed up leader. You cannot lead properly and you just owning one castle seems pretty out of the way. So Oichi tells you that you should conquer one castle; the castle of Ignis, right above the Aurora castle. But before you fight your first warlord, you need to go through the painstakingly annoying tutorial. After that’s done, you are able to challenge the castle of Ignis to a battle. Once you win your first battle, the warlord of Ignis, Hideyoshi runs off somewhere, and you have officially taken over Ignis castle. Hurrah!!

Then comes the tutorial on how to get more warriors. There are three ways to getting new warriors. First, defeat them in 4 turns. Second, defeat them using a super effective move. Third, if you are trying to recruit a warlord, you must have your player in the castle where the warlord is. After you’ve gotten a few castles, you’ll learn how to link your warriors with pokemon. Basically, its like catching pokemon. But instead of PokeBalls, you… well, link with them. A very funny thing I noticed was, when Oichi was explaining how to link pokemon, she mentioned that in other regions, they use strange balls to capture pokemon. Pokemon CONTROVERSY right here, people.

Later on in the game, you find out that Nobunaga, the one who is trying to unite the whole of Ransei, is actually Oichi’s older brother. Whoa, I TOTALLY did NOT SEE that plot twist coming. Eventually, you do end up uniting the whole of Ransei. Apparently, Nobunaga wanted to destroy Ransei, since warriors seem to use their Pokemon as tools, instead of partners, in which warriors have forgetten to give love to their Pokemon. Leave it up to the strongest warlord of the Ransei region to end up destroying the whole region. You return the castles that you took back to their original owners and thus, the story ends.

No, not really.

Once you’ve finished the game, you get access to the side stories of the warlords and people you’ve met in Ransei. So far, I’ve only finished one side story.


All in all, this game is pretty good. Challenging at only one point, but laughably easy at other points. I’d give this game 3 out of 5 stars.

Pokemon White: Dream World

So I have been meaning to update on Dragon Quest V but I’ve been um….kinda busy with Pokemon White. An officemate of mine kinda got me back into the Pokemon business so I’ve been training my pokemon to be the best that they can be.

I also entered the famed “Dream World”.

It kept on hanging on my a lot of times because my internet connection is the shit but it was quite enjoyable. I wanted a FREAKING TANGELA but alas, I only got this:

It’s the special pokemon that you can actually meet in the Dream World. It has the ability ‘thick fat’ which makes fighting fire-type pokemon somewhat a breeze. I need to log in again the dream world and get the Munna C-Gear design, as well as the Generation 5 Starter Pokemon design for the PokeDex.

To those who do play pokemon in my wordpress, you can always check my sidebar for my friend code. I normally go online on random times and I’m usually in the Dream World, playing Wailord Spout. (I actually forgot the name of the game. All I know is that it has Wailord in it.)

Next to Pokemon, I checked my Dragon Quest 9 cartridge and I checked my quests.

I almost chucked my NDSi out the window.

What type of lunatic asks for crazy quests like this? It’s bad enough METAL SLIMES run away from most battles and then you need to defeat it using a skill? I mean, seriously? I know you have to be patient but I would never do this for the life of me. NEVER.

Unless I really had to.

I still haven’t had the chance to check what my friend code is for Dragon Quest 9, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Right now, I need to do other things. Like play more Pokemon White!