Odin Sphere: Meet Shakespeare through this game.

image from: kotaku.com

I’ve been contemplating lately on what game I should play. Until I found this game shelved in my treasure box of things.

A couple of years back, I played this game. To be honest, I wasn’t really that interested when I played this game. I just played it for the hell of it, and eventually, I never got past the first part of the game. Fast forward to today, I never realized how beautiful this game was.

I just started playing the game a few days ago, and I’m pretty hooked.

First, let’s start about the art:

image from: sevendaycooldown.com

From the center, clockwise: We have Alice, along with her cat Socrates, Cornelius, the Rabbit Looking Pooka, Gwendolyn The Valkyrie, Oswald The Shadow Knight, Velvet the Princess with no country, and lastly, Mercedes The Fairy Princess.

You first start out with Alice. In the screen, you see a book on the floor and your cat, Socrates, walking around. The book you see on the ground is the character you will be playing until you finish the whole book. The first book you start with is Gwendolyn’s book named Valkyrie.

Let’s start with the gameplay next. The gameplay is side-scroller like this:

It’s quite confusing at first, but after a  lot of tutorials, you’ll understand the gameplay immediately. From this screenshot alone, you can see every detail the game has to offer.

Isn’t this screenshot really pretty?

But I wouldn’t take this game for granted. Along with its beautiful scenery and simple looking enough gameplay, this game has much more to offer. I personally like the Shakespeare type of narration this game has. Maybe because I’m quite a poetic type of person, especially when it comes to story-telling.

The one good thing I do like about this game is you can change the voices to either English or Japanese. Not that I have anything against the English Voice Actors, but I much prefer the Japanese voice overs, rather than the english. Maybe because I do understand the language, but in the choice of words that they have, as well as how they deliver it is very deep.

So far, I’m finished with Gwendolyn’s story, and am at the last part of Cornelius’s story. I promise to finish this game as far as I can!