Why I like Super Robot Wars, and why more people should try it

Seeing as Super Robot Wars UX is coming out this March for the 3DS. I want to talk a bit about it as not a lot of people actually see why this is so very appealing.

First a link to the trailers for the newest one:

Wait… Was that a Miku themed Feiyen from Virtual-On around 1:39? Ninja Robots? The Aura Battler Dunbine returns? Urgh cursed Nintendo region lock makes me want to justify piracy or something.

Ok, I went off topic there for a bit. Anyway!

The entire Super Robot Wars series has always been just simply fan service. It’s all about crossovers and mash ups from different mecha themed anime shows all combined into one storyline.

Like say… What if a unit of Gundam mechs faced off against a berserk Eva 01?

Hahaha take that Deaka! No one loves you anyway.

Or how about if Macross VF units went against those bugs from Gunbuster?

You gotta love those classic 80’s anime haircuts too.

See how I’m posting a lot of videos here? Because that is the true appeal of the game. It’s all about taking control of a mech from a particular show along with all its special moves, placing it in a strategy game, then watching them go at it.

/insert manly tears of appreciation here/

Of course, you can turn off the animation and just watch the numbers pop up. Defeats the purpose of playing IMHO.

A less global appeal is the storylines. They’re very well written, even though they have to  mash together many  different storylines. Each character retains their personalities and actually interacts in a very believable way. Like how Kouji Kabuto, the Mazinger Pilot, hits it off with Asuka from Evangelion, because they had similar personalities, or after gathering up the people from G Gundam and Daimos, they then had a karate tournament to see who’s the best (of course it gets interrupted near the end when Domon Kashuu and  Kazuya were facing off).

not really what happened
They were all “URGYAAA”!

One last thing is that you can always choose which mech to level up and upgrade. So you can vary each play through by bringing a different mixup. I made it so that the ending of Gundam seed was finished by real men (the crew of Macross) and kept all the emo kids away.

So that’s why I like the series and recommend if for those who like to see robots kick ass.